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Flex Fitness

Resistance bands are the newest trend in exercising. Our set gives you multiple bands to work with, using them individually or together. Yes, you can use too bands at once to give you an even greater strength. These bands do not work in the same manner as other exercising activities.

Lady working out with Cynergy Fitness Flex Bands

When you are strictly doing free weights, your muscles are not getting the exact workout they need. You are putting all your work into one repetition from the beginning opposed to gradually working your way into using the muscle. By doing this, the body requires you take longer breaks in between reps to give the muscles breathing room and decrease risk of injury. Bands however, will start out easier and then increase the resistance to pull on them. The strength you need to complete more than one repetition will be continually available.

Using resistance bands will put you under the strength training performance. This type of strength training will use more than one muscle at a time. While most strength training requires you to do one thing at a time, bands will give you the opportunity to work on more than one area. Working out this way also reduces your risk of injury or bodily harm. These are flimsy bands, not heavy dumbbells that can break toes if dropped.

To get the best results with resistance bands, you should work out at least twice a week. For some, this is perfect. Others like to spend more time. In that case, work out specific areas twice a week, on a schedule. Like exercising in general, you will want to start out small and work up from there.

Give yourself one set of each exercise to judge if you have the right band and how ready your muscles are to take this on. Then gradually work your way up. Give the body at least a week at one set with the band of choice before moving on up. You want the muscles to wake up to this new exercise, not groan at the possibility of it.


The benefits of these bands will speak for themselves. First, you don’t have to buy large equipment, DVD’s or subscribe to anything. They are very cost effective for the person that wants to tone without the hefty price. You won’t have to rearrange the house to find a space for it. These bands can fit just about anywhere you want them to. Travelling is one of the hardest aspects about exercise. Where do you go when you are on the road? Buy resistance bands and you don’t have to go anywhere. Just your room.

The biggest benefit of resistance bands, is you. Once you have figured out what your strength is and what you want to work on, you will see results. Muscles will start toning and you will feel stronger. The fact that you can work out the whole body with one band, is very intriguing. It’s only something that you will be able to do when you check out resistance bands for yourself.

After hearing all the benefits, what’s to lose?